Friday, August 18, 2006

Aloha Amore

I guest dj'ed at this afternoon. "Aloha Amore" was the title of my set, pretty cheesy right? I wanted the set to feel mellow and warm yet thrilling and wondrous at the same time; like the feeling you get when you're in Hawaii. The session will be played sometime next week and will be on some rotation schedule they have afterwards. Oh, you can download it as a podcast as well. Thanks Frosty for having me!

So here are some inane comments from my playlist:

1. The Strokes - I'll Try Anything Once - Heart In A Cage 7" Single B-Side

This had to be the first track. Taken from the opening song on their 3rd album, this is a different version with new lyrics and song title. I love this version so much; the lyrics are more endearing, the Rhodes is so warm and inviting against the bare vocals; could be their best song ever. Don't be a hater, this is awesome.

2. Jan & Dean - California Lullabye - Legendary Masked Surfers

Sonic Boom did a version of this song in the early '90s. This is the original, a total space/surf classic.

3. Il Guardiano del Faro - Amore Grande, Amore Libero - Amore Grande, Amore Libero

Don't know much about this song; all I know that it makes me feel really romantic in a '70s Italian Capri sort of way. I love the moog sound on this track, perfect orchestration.

4. Dempsey - Feelin' Ace Sunrise - Sunrise/Sunset

Geoff McIntyre is the man behind Dempsey. Don't know anything else about this guy except that the track was produced by Keiran from Four Tet. Somebody told me once that he's from California living in London. Sounds about right. Makes me feel really ace.

5. Jackie DeShannon - Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Jackie

A Neil Young original, sung by one of the first female rock'n'roll singer songwriters. I like the St. Etienne version as well.

6. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For? - The Boatman's Call

One of my all-time favorite albums; when it was released in 1997, I think I listened to it everyday for 6 months. And it's the only Nick Cave album I'm completely fond of. There were so many great songs to choose from but I decided on this ballad to adhere to my set theme.

7. Jean-Claude Vannier - Mort du roi des mouches - Insolitudes

The French David Alexrod. I was really going avant-garde with this one.

8. Go-Kart Mozart - Mandrax For Minx Cats - Instant Wigwam & Igloo Mixture

I strive to play keyboards this good. Any keyboard player that has ever been in any of Lawrence's bands are always awesome. Totally my style.

9. Dr. Dog - Say Something - Easy Beat

Great album. Saw them at SXSW and they're better live. One of my favorite "now" groups.

10. Keola & Kapono Beamer - Honolulu City Lights - Honolulu City Lights

Look at this album cover. Husband thinks this is "probably" the best album cover ever. Way before PhotoShop.

11. Lou Reed - Bottoming Out - Legendary Hearts

Love the fretless bass sound on this track. With genius lyrics like these, who wouldn't like this?

"There’s still some oil by the old elm tree
And a dead squirrel that I hit
But if I hadn’t left, I would have struck you dead
So I took a ride instead"

12. Dennis Wilson - Sound of Free - Landlocked

The best-looking Beach Boy showing that he's as great of a songwriter as his big brother. I love his tortured soulful voice.

13. Claudine Longet - Love is Blue - Love Is Blue

Loved this as a child, playing it on the piano right now. I love the spoken word part when she tells you how heartbroken she is. Oui oui, l'amour est très bleu.

14. Sébastien Tellier - Kazzo III - L'incroyable Vérité

My francophilia continues. Saw him play in London a few months ago; dare I'd say he's our Serge of today? He oozes charisma.

15. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Beast for Thee - Summer In The Southeast

A live version from last year's "Superwolf." Sex, death and love - I've never been so bewitched, especially at "home on Wednesday morn', astride my horny horn". Creepy but beautiful.

16. Beat Happening - Tiger Trap - You Turn Me On

12 years ago I had the hugest crush on Calvin Johnson and went to every show when he was in town. He did me in when he performed "Girlfriend in a Coma" at the old Troy Cafe. I swear, he was staring at me.

19. Kendra Smith - Flying On The Ground Is Wrong - Rainy Day

"Rainy Day", a 1984 compilation that was released as a tribute to the old stuff done by the "Paisley Underground" bands from the West Coast. I don't know much about Kendra Smith but her version of this Springfield song is sweet.

18. Françoise Hardy - Ca Va Comme Ca - A Suivre

The French goddess in full '80s mode.

19. Jane Birkin - Depressive - Ex-Fan Des Sixties

Another French goddess (well she's technically English but you know what I mean). Wait for the guitar solo in the end, it's epic.

20. Yoko Ono - What A Bastard The World Is - Approximately Infinite Universe

I can totally see Yoko saying this to John. She's pissed. Something I can totally relate to.

"You know half the world is occupied with you pigs,
I can always get another pig like you."

Not with the general theme of this set. Hate's a part of amore too, isn't it?

21. The Sleepy Jackson - God Lead Your Soul - Personality

Crazy Aussie Genius. He told us that he's doing a track for Yoko Ono's new album. So that's where this ties in. Nice transition huh?

22. Devendra Banhart - Step In The Name Of Love - Devendra Banhart & Jan Hunter Split

Coincidentally as I was working on this blog, husband & Devendra were discussing their mutual love for R. Kelly.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Bottoming out...

This past week I discovered the fretless bass sound. Husband brought a $1.99 vinyl copy of Lou Reed's "Legendary Hearts." For some reason, this has been a missing piece to our nearly complete L. Reed collection. Shit, why don't people talk about how amazing this record is... Long-time bassist, Fernando Saunders, really kills it with his trademark fretless bass sound. I was asking myself, "what's that sound?" Oh, it's the fretless bass sound. A lot of people think that this is a big no-no. But I can't get enough of that sweet, warm sound.

P.S. This is not a music blog, it's about "ME", just like Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights (we'll talk more about this later).