Friday, March 30, 2007

Opening Ceremony LA Fiesta

For those in the LA area, you should come out to help celebrate the opening of the LA store. I'm sure the tamale man will make an appearance with his delicioso pork tamales!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Who said that I gave up on Music?

I practiced with My Barbarian tonight for our upcoming Saturday performance for the Mayor of LA (and his special guests). It was the first time in over 4 months that I played music, like with other people... It was actually fun... I had fun... Just because I'm still traumatized by last Fall's tour and didn't want to play live with my own band (I was channeling Brian Wilson for a sec there, yeah right, I'm so full of it...) doesn't mean I have given up on music. No, it's really the opposite. Music is the most inspirational thing for me right now. I am in love with music. It's the only thing that makes me feel these days (not to sound overly dramatic). I'm not done with music; it'll always be with me...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Well, you know, you can’t make it without ever even trying

I haven't gotten a real thing to say these days except that this song just makes me feel that I'm still here...
Karen Dalton's "Something On Your Mind.mp3"

And I keep going back to this song:
Bonnie Prince Billy's "The Way.mp3"

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How Spook Got Her Man

"Consider Your Ways" - This is what the pamphlet that was given to me in the sketchy part of downtown LA ominously said with a sketch of two arrows, "Broad Way" or "Narrow Way."

This past weekend, I was working on a photo shoot located on the rooftop of the infamous Rosslyn Hotel and while in the motorhome on 5th street, a group of traditionally dressed Church of God proselytes walked up and stopped right across the Hotel and started singing religious songs. I could make out the words "Heaven, Hell, Eternal Life, Everlasting Life, Repentant, Sorrow, Salvation, God..." At first, I was totally stoked about this; so random, kinda rad! Supposedly, they come every Saturday night and stop at the Rossyln and try to "save" the tenants at this decrepit hotel. As they finished and started to walk away, they had the biggest smiles on their faces, waving goodbye to the building. Now that was eerie and definitely creepy.

Then I went to to the roof by myself (which I should've gone with an escort) and while in the elevator, I got scared and nervous. For an eternal 15 seconds, The Church of God had its clutch on me. I needed salvation, the sticky walls were caving in on me; I could see the years of slovenly depravity, blood stains crying out, starting to cling on to me. I got spooked big time. Dude, it was definitely not fun.