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Keep on Music

So sad I won't be in town for this reunion... Read the most amazing interview I found on the Amoeba blog about the Vietnamese New Wave Revival.

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Cyclo (1995)

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13 years ago...

I found these photos tonight from when I was last living in Vietnam thirteen years ago... Going back home next week and I can't wait to see what it's going to be like now...

The healing waters of Vịnh Hạ Long.

 The standard mode of transportation in Saigon.

 As found in the original 36 streets of Hà Nội. Words to live by: Green, Clean, Beautiful.

Đà Lạt Market.

Mekong Delta.

 Close to the Chinese border, the verdant tea plantations of Cao Bằng where my dad was born.

Just grilling some shrimp on the beach at Mỹ Sơn.

Heading into awe inspiring caves of Ninh Binh.

 The art deco designed Phy Tho racecourse in District 11.

The Cao Đài Temple.

 My favorite billboard in Saigon.

The silkworm factory near Huế.

  The view from my window during the tropical monsoon season.

Pre-Spring Vacation Mix

You know it's that time of the year... Say goodbye to those winter blues and hello to the rest of the year...

Warm sand between my toes -- swimming with the dolphins -- dancing in the moonlight -- the best food in the world -- catching up with long distance friends (and they are the bestest friends) -- turning off the 'puter AND the phone (no data whatsoever) -- I'm going back to where I was born...

Here's what I hope to see at night all next week.  This is the soundtrack to my holiday... Click on the shooting star to download (I usually prefer *shuffle* but why don't you try sorting it by genre this time around, a-z...)

If you haven't planned yours yet, now is the time to take a break and relax... x

Monday, March 01, 2010

Save BBC 6 Music

Repost from J+J's blog:

We listen to BBC 6 Music every day in our studio/flat. We believe it is one of the most important sources for new and experimental music in the UK, and thus contributes to the culture of the nation at large. Today, BBC director general Mark Thompson publicly recommended, amongst other cuts, the closure of BBC 6 Music. But there is hope: The Guardian reports that "BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons said that if there was a big enough public response about the cuts, he would ask management to rethink its strategy." Please get in touch with the BBC Trust and ask them to save BBC 6 Music. Send an email to and join the Facebook group Save BBC 6 Music (There are links to various petitions on this page.) In a humble effort of our own, we have designed this little logo.If you have a blog, flickr, tumblr et cetera, please post this logo to help spread the word. So far, the BBC has received thousands of complaints about this decision. It's not too late: The trust has opened up the discussion, and our numbers can help save this important music institution.


This is true. I've been in their very cozy flat sipping on rooibos tea (with milk of course) and making dinner only to discover a whole new world of music I would never ever get to hear anywhere else... Have you heard Jarvis' Sunday Service yet? My old band even did a session there many moons ago... It would be an absolute travesty if BBC6 Music was no longer... You have a voice, make it known...