Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I’ve been an unwilling Twin Peaks fan (but more so the film, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me”), it's a love/hate relationship. I've seen the movie countless times and right before I left for this month-long tour, it was on HBO again and of course, I forced myself to watch it, again. This time Bob wasn't as scary as he's been in previous times; I didn't get nightmares.

The last few days in the Northwest, Twin Peaks has been on my mind; the locale, the fog, the trees, the darkness, the rain, Bob, Laura, Jacques, Bobby, Leo. As we made our way to Salt Lake City today, I got the opportunity to drive pass Snoqualmine, where the TV series and film were shot. I was so excited. I could really feel Bob's presence.

Laura's exit

Husband driving through the cold rain.

Bridge to Nowhere

God's Country

Searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Proton Set

I got the opportunity again today to dj at dublab for their "live proton drive." Frosty has sustained dublab for 7 years and if you can, please go to the website and make any kind of donation to help support this rad station.

I started with a theme (of sad songs) but realized that f-it, I'm just going to wing it and see where it goes.

1. California '99 - California Fairy Tale - 1-sided white label 7" single

Don't know much but thought it would be a good intro song to my set with all the Southern California references of disaster. It's a 1971 version of what California is supposed to be like in 2003.

2. Bruce Johnston - I Write the Songs - Going Public LP

For the longest time, I thought this song was written by Barry Manilow but Husband just got this a few weeks ago, and damm, Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys wrote it! But props to Barry...

3. The Action - Since I Lost My Baby - 7" single

The Temptations popularized this song but this version is a mod soul classic. Wish I could remember how to play it as we used to do a cover of this song in my band.

4. David Hemmings - Backstreet Mirror - Happens LP

He was an English actor, most famous for starring in "Blow Up." Written by Gene Clark and backed up by most of The Byrds. He was a good looking dude.

5. Gene Clark - The Virgin - White Light LP

My friend, Jacknife, looks like Gene Clark.

6. Royal Trux - Stop - Veterans of Disorder LP

My favorite Royal Trux song.

7. Comet Gain - You Can Hide Your Love Forever - 7" single

David Charlie Feck and Co. do a play on words with a classic Orange Juice title, "You Can't Hide Your Love Forever."

8. Heavenly - P.U.N.K. Girl - 7" single

One of the quintessential twee pop bands during the Sarah era.

9. Eggs - A Pit with Spikes - Teenbeat 96 Exploder LP

One of the quintessential East Coast indie bands of the early '90s pop bands. I love almost everything Teenbeat.

10. Adem - Everything You Need/Statued - Everything You Need/Statued - 7" single

Released on Rough Trade Shop's For-Us 7" label, this is the first thing I ever heard from this man, and wow, did I love it right away. Kind of an English freak-folker.

11. Cat Stevens - Kitty - 7" single

People know his hippie stuff; this is one from his mod days. I hear Yusuf has a new record out.

12. Goons of Doom - Bikey Zombie - The Story Of Dead Barbie And Ghost LP

Ozzie is a famous surfer/artist from Australia who while making a surfing video, "Wasted Youth," decided to get some instruments with his pals and pretended like they were a cool band. They had fun so they decided to learn how to play the instruments and played their first gig a week later. One of my favorite bands, so much fun live.

13. Flying Saucer Attack - Outdoor Miner - 7" single

A Wire cover song, FSA was one of the best experimental indie rock bands from the 90s. Husband likes them. I played this for him.

14. Television Personalities - A Mod Before You Was A Mod (Easy Mix) - 7" single

Different version than what appears on the album of the same name. One of the best song titles ever.

15. Gal Costa - Mae - Agua Viva LP

One of her more rockin' songs.

16. Antônio Carlos Jobim - Off Key - A Certain Mister LP

Brazilian music slips me into chill mode.

17. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I Called you Back - The Letting Go LP

His brand new record. Great as ever.

18. Townes Van Zandt - Flyin' Shoes - s/t

You should definitely check out the documentary on his life, "Be Here to Love Me."

19. Six Organs of Admittance - Torn by Wolves - The Sun Awakens LP

Ben Chasny, also of Comets on Fire, this is his mellow side. This song reminds me a bit of early Felt.

20. ZWOL - Southern Part of France

He brought "Sexy Back" back in 1978. Take that JT.

21. R. Kelly - Feelin' On Yo Booty-Hypnosis Mix f/ Youngbloodz Lyrics - 12" single

I love all things R. Kelly, esp. the remixes. C'mon, "Feeling on Yo Booty"? Who else is going to write that?

22 - 25. The Summer Hits Group - Sweet Vacuum Cleaner, Aint' No Grease Allowed, Bad Flash and Hot Skin - 12" single

On their final release, they broke away from the lo-fi pysch they had been doing and went for a dance direction. They even enlisted an amateur rapper from South Central that Husband met at a downtown parking garage. The only pay he required was a bottle of congac but Tartarex brought Alize instead.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fall Wedding at Sargent Court

The Bride and Groom being walked down the aisle by the man who introduced them.

The OM Orchestra playing Glenn Branca's "Lesson No. One for Electric Guitar" during the procession.

"Listen mate. If we catch you on the East End again, some of our boys are gonna pay you a little visit, geez."

Wendy and Jade. The Purple Tights Brigade.

LA's Finest Crew (sans Amy). Currently on hiatus but back soon to slay you.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dry One More Time

Traveled to the desert this past weekend, a quick getaway which coincided with seeing friends play.

It was sad to see how devastating the fires this past July created on this beautiful terrain.

Joshua trees are tough, very tough.

Playing the cornhole game, built and brought by Dave from somewhere in Ohio.

Bright Back Morning Light - freaky

Henry is a nice innocent looking boy without all this scary get-up. But you can't stop staring at him on the bass. He scared the shit of me when I first saw him on stage.

Mojave 3 Ian, overworked and underpaid, about to get an electric steer skull attack.

TRadd with necessary night vision desert gear; saved me a few times from near disastrous falls.