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10 Things I Love About You.

I was down on the blog, it got weird as I got weird. But I'm keeping calm and carrying on...

And oh, I discovered many wondrous things in the last month and put them all to good use this past weekend...

1. I'm Googled out! My new bf, just perfect + lovely + adorkable, gave me a new Google tutorial every night when he stayed with me a couple of weeks ago. [One of the best weeks of my life! I love to get schooled by someone much smarter than me. So rare these days...] I was already using Calendar + Analytics but was reluctant with Reader. Even his bf (don't ask, it's a very complicated, sensitive situation) was trying to sell me on it... how wasted time is not squandered time with Reader at the airport. Now, I'm obsessed! And I put it to v good use on Sunday at JFK when my flight was delayed for 5.5 hours. After my freak-out at the counter, I settled in nicely with my Reader on the iPhone. But am still v bewildered and suspicious about Latitude. Do I really want you to know where I am exactly? I mean I could fib and say I'm at Taj Mahal (in Jersey, not Agra you dolt!) but right now I'm sitting on my couch listening to my Winter's mix while American Idol is on mute.

2. Though it's finally raining here, it's still v unnatural in LA and I'm getting sick of it. I want SEASONS! Sea Urchins' Please Rain Fall is an excellent song to fall asleep to...

3. As grating and demented Fishbeck can be, he redeems himself (just barely) with the tender compliment, with the gentlest gesture. He made me this drawing for me, inspired by my recent haircut. It's Rei! How can I be mad at him?

4. And I'm already dreaming of Scott Walker's Copenhagen. In 6 weeks!

5. My friend recently gave me the first two Destroyer records. "Cuz nothing good can come from leaving London..." This is how I will feel in 7 weeks...

6. The Cold: The thing that surprised me the most during my NY weekend jaunt was how pleasant the cold was for me. I loved it. I thought I was a weather wimp as I come from a hot exotic climate (erm, not LA but Vietnam)... But it felt fantastic walking 10 blocks at 3am in the freezing cold in LES. It was invigorating. I'm fantasizing a life of winter hibernation. I say this now but 3 months of it could do me in...

7. I went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" yesterday evening. I'm glad I went by myself cuz' when I wasn't laughing, I was in tears and cringing uncomfortably in my comfy seat. A film full of cliches and of actors I detest, I did relate to it on many levels. I'm so pedestrian; I'm a pathetic c***! Hmm, I meant bunt.

8. Nite Moon Cafe at Golden Bridge. Yes, one of my rules (as I'm not the exception) is "Kill All Hippies" so it's ironic that I should frequent the hippie "spiritual village" of LA every day for their yummy vegan lunch and to get my daily smoothie fix. Ugh! Quel est mauvais avec moi? But I do feel "fresh, alive and whole!"

9. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lauren this past weekend. She does arty things at the New Museum and you know how I adore arty people. I went for a visit and was emotionally captivated by Jeremy Deller's "It Is What It Is: Conversations about Iraq."

10. CameraBag app for the iPhone (thx Kate). I'm obsessed with making every image into a Polaroid right now... Let's have a look at my work shall we? Feel free to critique!

Like the last few times, I went straight to UWS. Central Park was eerily quiet and extremely beautiful.

Pond ice and leaves..

Damhave's precious petite mobile phone in my palm. You were awfully sweet to me this time around Damhave. And boy, did you look good!

Modern and elegant with beams and beams of sunlight.

Scott's library. I love this photo; it's reminds of a Godard film, full of pretension and primary colors.

Carl's pet turtle in Brooklyn. I spent some time in this borough and it's not so bad or far like I had imagined all these years. But still, no thanks...

I couldn't do a Polaroid of this as it would have cut the "B'L'ing" part out and then there would be no point to this at all.

Mary's whimsical SSWTR installation at Kiosk.

Ippudo goodness in the East Village. The 1.15 hour wait was well worth it.

The view from Canal, right before I left.

(*****I wonder how many of my shared friends will star this entry as it's so fucking good. It was well worth the wait, no?)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

à mes chéris...

This Valentine's weekend, it's going to be in NY with my east coast LOS. Two v v special events you must go to... Voyez-toi là?

Et mais oui, sans aucun doute, Giggles' show at Rachel Uffner Gallery:

Bonne Saint Valentin.
À toi, pour toujours,
x Owley