Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling fine but it must be the wine cuz' it's April 27th...

Frederic Edwin Church
Rainy Season in the Tropics (1866)
Oil on canvas
56 1/4 x 84 3/16 in. (142.9 x 213.8 cm)
M.H. de Young Museum, San Francisco

While on a NW tour to support the last record in 2006, Tom and I looked at this painting for a good while. Rainy Season in the Tropics was symbolic of many a great things for us --- our love of wanderlust, discovery and treasure --- but most famously amongst our friends, the different usages of the painter's last name which Tom cleverly and absurdly came up with...

And on this same tour, we both discovered Destroyer. We listened Destroyer's Rubies everyday on the road. It changed my life. I think it did for Tom as well.

I can't listen to this album without thinking about that time now. I still can't believe what has just happened. You didn't know it Tom but you were my most loyal friend.

And miraculously this song popped up this evening --- Destroyer's The Music Lovers.

Farewell Sir Thomas.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Viet Nhac 1

Here is the first mix of my Vietnamese music series compilation - songs mostly from the 60s and 70s... POPular songs as that's what I'm into...

(click on image to download)

The second mix can only be heard at the delectable An Choi Eatery in NYC... so you best make your way there in the near future!

These are achingly gorgeous songs --- pure poetry --- you don't have to know the language nor understand the lyrics - you can just feel it...

- - -

Here is Viet Pop Music 101 from this period (one of the endless and oh so essential lessons from the Pops) -

The three main players:

Trinh Cong Son: He used the music to write the lyrics.
Joan Baez once dubbed him the "Bob Dylan" of Vietnam because of his anti-war anthems. My dad disagreed, "He is beyond Bob Dylan. He means so much more to the Vietnamese people than Dylan to this world. Trinh Cong Son is a genius."
Pham Duy: He uses the lyrics to write the music.
Before Trinh Cong Son, Duy was the only one worth listening to...

Albums should start with a spoken word Intro but the Outro is optional. Well in this case, I have both just to be sure I'm doing it right... (here is the suggested order)

And most importantly, Khanh Ly was born to sing Trinh Cong Son's songs...

- - -

Friday, April 09, 2010

Oh My Darling Clementine

Pham Duy - a total genius.

All I can listen to is Vietnamese Music since I've been back... Almost done with the first mix!

Unknown Treasures, Part Deux

Here we go again (repost from R4TH) --

Our almost famous triple team yard sale, now quadruple (Ricky/Lesley, Violet, Nastasha and moi) is happening again this Sunday, April 11th with extra loot from 2 household moves - call it necessary editing!.. this time it's back in Highland Park and all details on craigslist here.
*This chap went straight for the grey felt stetson last time, it looked great on him, I hope it's getting some sun.

**One of the many stacks I sold last time.... Don't worry, there's plenty more...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Saigon Signs

"The sign brings customers."
- Jean de La Fontaine

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Quan Oc Thanh Long

If you happen to make your way to District 3 in Saigon, please make sure to stop by Quán Ốc Thành Long to "ăn chơi" --- a bit of a gluttony will never hurt you..

You can almost never go wrong with red chairs -- in Vietnam or in France, it's a good thing.

A good sauce goes a long way...

Best razor clams I've ever had...

And it wouldn't be what is it (which is completely out of this world) unless you down it with Biere LaRue (for the discerning connoisseur).

Sunday, April 04, 2010

dac biet

Currently only found in the mornings on Phạm Ngọc Thạch street (near Điện Biên Phủ) in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ---

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tiem Banh Mi Phuong

This is enough reason to go back to Vietnam. Tiệm Bánh Mì Phương is located on Hoang Dieu street (the shoe street where you can design your own customized Adidaboks), just at the eastern end of the central market in Hoi An. The proprietors consist of a very lovely man and woman making the best bánh mì I've ever had in my life. It is always busy and understandably so...

You know it's good when it's Bourdain approved...

What is unbelievable to me is how Anthony and Philippe can just split one bánh mì. I attacked two whole ones back to back...

The sandwich -- three special sauces: mayo, pâté and blood sausage spread with pickles, salt, pepper, herb + salad mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, chili peppers, ground beef, headcheese, pork, pork and more pork... and you top it off with a fried egg on top! And I'm probably missing at least 5 other ingredients. This is really special.