Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hook & Eye

Two fifths of LA's Finest supported another Finest this past Saturday as we celebrated Anna's solo show at Karen Lovegrove Gallery. Wiggles and I dj'ed at her afterparty.

Pressure was on to satisfy those who were yearning to dance. I really had to go through my records to find any "danceable" tunes as all I've been into lately is downcast stuff. Yeah it's been bummers... Yet everything this month has been telling me that the Seasonal Blues have ended early for me this year. Darn it, it barely lasted a month this time! I'm wondering if this is a good or bad thing. Maybe it'll return next month? I'm secretly hoping so...

People did danced (yes!) and I was thoroughly happy when Lecia said that she loved it when I played Ride's "Twisterella" (that's dancey right?) But what mattered was that Anna had a good time at her party. Congrats Anna!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Viet, Duy and Bun

Viet's new restaurant finally had its opening tonight. His new restaurant is called "Viet Noodle Bar." Well, what else right? Saw a lot of fellow VN friends and it was so good to see everyone looking so good. I can't wait until it opens next week. The menu looks awesome, a lot of old favorites with a lot of new dishes which, I won't doubt, will be delicious. Westerners will love it and I will love it because it will be tasty. Viet and his crew are such great people, you not only go there for the food, you go there for the company. And that just makes it so much better. It really is yum yum, piggy's bum...

Duy and Viet (I wanted to include lovely Bun but she wouldn't have none of it, she's camera shy she insisted... but it was really unfair that she got to only take pics of me on her camera but I couldn't take any of hers on mine.)

It was great to catch up with Duy, who has given me enlightening tarot readings this past year. After talking for less than a minute, he bluntly stated, "well, he's just not that into you." Ouch. Harsh. I started laughing so hard. That's like the best thing someone has told me in a long time. I love it... Vietnamese people have such a way with me...

J. Loudermilk's "The Little Bird.mp3"

Bobby Charles' "Let Yourself Go.mp3"
F. Hardy's "J'ai Coupe Le Telephone.mp3"

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A man told me to beware of 33...

He said, "It was not an easy time for me."

And he's right. It's been a pretty tough (more like relentless) year but six months later, I'm getting through it. Lost the plot a few times but the one thing that did save me have been the awe-inspiring acoustic-gospel-strings versions of Spiritualized songs. And last night I got to see J Spaceman in his full Acoustic Mainlines glory. And it was glorious. When he sang "Stop Your Crying" and "Ladies and Gentleman...," I believed him.

The eyes are finally drying now and I am feeling happy to be alive. Feels like the New Year has started early for me.

At the Vista last night... definitely in the Top 10 of my all-time bestest shows.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Love the Game

Let's forget about the Seasonal Blues for a second... Let's just enjoy some sports, namely the best game, basketball.

Over my years of going to basketball games, I've gotten to see a lot of my favorite players in action so I jumped at the chance when I was invited to see LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers play against my beloved team, The Clippers, tonight. My team lost but it was exciting to see LeBron slam a few good ones. It was also a chance to pig out: nachos camachos, Texas Dog (which consisted of bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon and onion rings on top of a giant spicy hot dog), peanuts, ice cream dibs and beer... It was a full on carb fest. D-Fense! Let's go...

Pyrotechnic introductions

With the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team. L to R: Nina, Kristin (captain) and Ashley R.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Becoming Ben Cho

Or rather, it's me becoming Wiggles becoming Ben. I like wearing glasses again. Going back to my old geeky ways!

Happiness is a Warm Gun

Actually it's not. Not for me anyways. After I made a yummy dinner with an even yummier cheese plate while watching "Survivor" (it can't get any better than this right?), ds and I headed down to the LA Gun Club to shoot some guns. Never having done any sort of thing like this ever, the excitement that had been building up for this night was replaced with apprehension and fear when I arrived. I mean it was real, empty shells were littered everywhere on the floor, the gravity of the gun, the ferocity of the recoil, and the noise, that noise was deafening. My heart could barely take it. I was traumatized.

My idealized notion that I would be good at this was completely shattered by the fact that I was too rattled by my surroundings, just holding the gun was almost too much. ds said I was too hard on myself, and I think he was somewhat right because afterwards, as we drove away from that soulless climate, I thought I would perhaps give this a go again. The shock was wearing off and that next time, I would be more focused and have more control. Maybe I just need to be really pissed off at someone. At least I know that I made the right choice by not joining LA's finest...

Bang, bang, shoot shoot. A total pro, ds had no problem.

A total novice, still trying to figure it out, totally shaking... But the smell of the gunpowder was attractive, like bonfire nights as a beach kid.

I'm now thinking that happiness might be a warm puppy instead...