Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hook & Eye

Two fifths of LA's Finest supported another Finest this past Saturday as we celebrated Anna's solo show at Karen Lovegrove Gallery. Wiggles and I dj'ed at her afterparty.

Pressure was on to satisfy those who were yearning to dance. I really had to go through my records to find any "danceable" tunes as all I've been into lately is downcast stuff. Yeah it's been bummers... Yet everything this month has been telling me that the Seasonal Blues have ended early for me this year. Darn it, it barely lasted a month this time! I'm wondering if this is a good or bad thing. Maybe it'll return next month? I'm secretly hoping so...

People did danced (yes!) and I was thoroughly happy when Lecia said that she loved it when I played Ride's "Twisterella" (that's dancey right?) But what mattered was that Anna had a good time at her party. Congrats Anna!