Friday, November 16, 2007

Viet, Duy and Bun

Viet's new restaurant finally had its opening tonight. His new restaurant is called "Viet Noodle Bar." Well, what else right? Saw a lot of fellow VN friends and it was so good to see everyone looking so good. I can't wait until it opens next week. The menu looks awesome, a lot of old favorites with a lot of new dishes which, I won't doubt, will be delicious. Westerners will love it and I will love it because it will be tasty. Viet and his crew are such great people, you not only go there for the food, you go there for the company. And that just makes it so much better. It really is yum yum, piggy's bum...

Duy and Viet (I wanted to include lovely Bun but she wouldn't have none of it, she's camera shy she insisted... but it was really unfair that she got to only take pics of me on her camera but I couldn't take any of hers on mine.)

It was great to catch up with Duy, who has given me enlightening tarot readings this past year. After talking for less than a minute, he bluntly stated, "well, he's just not that into you." Ouch. Harsh. I started laughing so hard. That's like the best thing someone has told me in a long time. I love it... Vietnamese people have such a way with me...

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