Sunday, October 28, 2007

'Tis the Season

This is what my weekend looked like:

After playing so many Scrabulous games on Facebook this past month, I played a real Scrabble game at home with friends Jeannie & TED. Felt like old times.

Pre-Halloween moon

Malibu, after the fire...

And the NY Times did not disappoint again this Sunday. Another timely gem. Click here to read this article which was placed next to the wedding celebrations. Twisted... I recommend you check out the suggested websites relating to the article. Who knew such a thing existed? But then again, nothing is really a surprise to me these days...

And from that I found another parallel article which may be found here. 'Tis the season...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Who says blogging is bad? This is why I love my blog:

Example #1:
There must be a weird cosmic cloud hanging over me. The California neon pumpkin sun, burning hot as an oven, overshadowed by all the ash that's flying in the sky from the fires is creating the most fantastic connection for me today. I've been loving Laurie Styvers' "Spilt Milk" and blogged about it earlier this week. This morning, I got a comment from her niece and by evening, my wish came true. Laurie's son emailed me this mp3 and I'm so excited to share it with you. This is special.

Laurie Styvers' "Seasonal Blues.mp3"

Example #2:
I must not forget about last's year entry when I wrote about my time as a refugee in Thailand and someone from those unsettling days found me. That was mind-blowing. The world is closer than you realize. Your past and what you love will find you, even if it's on a Google search these days. You can't discount these ways and methods; they lead you to the same place. Who knew it would be this beneficial? I'm really glad I started this blog...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Numbing shots

I got some cosmetic dental work done today. My second cousin who acts as my dentist recommended I get this done cuz' a happy smile is a happy face (and life) right? Though not a fan of needles, I asked her to make sure the shots were in long enough so that I wouldn't feel any pain whatsoever during the procedure. She would even numb my tongue she offered. Yes please, numb me...

The anaesthesia was supposed to wear off in a couple of hours. So I thought it was safe enough to go have a quick bite with my parents since I was already in Little Saigon. We went to get some Northern Vietnamese food but I quickly realized that I couldn't eat what I had been wanting all day. What I wanted was too solid and still being a dribbling idiot, there was no way I could safely swallow something like that. Seriously, I could scarcely talk (I can barely move my mouth right now as I'm composing this post many hours later; that's why my blog is my only friend tonight).

During dinner, my mom kept asking if I had gotten a root canal and to my irritation, I snapped saying that "we're not in Vietnam anymore, you get shots for little things here, it's no big deal. And do you really thing I would get a root canal after you spent so much money on braces, etc. when I was a child? Geez, I wouldn't dare waste such a thing." After dinner, she asked again if I had gotten a root canal. I give up...

So I ended getting chicken pho with the works... Not knowing if I was chewing properly or not, I mostly stuck to the broth and the youtiao. I love dipping it in the broth and then eating it half soggy. One of the best feelings...

The works for me would include small hen eggs (more like premature yolk, and unfertilized), beef balls, bull pudendum (please, no lame dick jokes here), liver and gizzards, and oh yeah,. chicken skin. It all sounds delicious right? It is...

And on a random note, I just read this interesting article in the NY Times. Click here to read it. The last word has a nice tone to it...

The Seasonal Blue

I found this record last month while I was unpacking. It's an early 70s folk record from Laurie Styvers titled "Spilt Milk". It's been setting my mood lately. "Seasonal Blues," "You Keep Coming Home in the Mornings," and "Eat Your Cornflakes" just kill me. Actually, side two has not been moved from my turntable in the last month. I won't listen to anything else right now. I'm coming down with something. It's the Seasonal Blue.

I was trying to find a mp3 to share with you all but I can't find info on her anywhere online. She's not even on Wikipedia. You really have to listen to this. I'm going to have to figure this one out...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Love Kime

I've known Kime for quite some time now. I've always admired her, her art and her shop. Though we've never been that close of friends, I seem to think I know her quite well by just reading her wonderful blog.

I'm going to this tonight and you should too. She's a brave lady. Let's help her heal faster...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Please take a blanket before entering the freezer...

TED and I decided to escape LA for the weekend in SF. One has to do that once in a while. We flew on Virgin America. I'm impressed; brand new planes, super modern media accessories, slightly cheesy neon soft pink overhead lighting, and let's not forget the very reasonable fares. The best part was the new terminal VA resides in at SFO; very Schiphol...

Our mission was to eat good food (ala Chez Panisse et Tartine) and to go see the Olafur Eliasson show at SFMOMA. We accomplished both and then some. It was a weekend of reconnections and of "going back to one's old style."

Valencia at 19th, after the rain.

My sister picked us up and we went straight to Swan's Oyster Depot. The best clam chowder I've ever had and just the freshest, most delicious oysters from Oregon. Yum yum piggy's bum.

TED and I discovered wii at my sister's. Tennis was the game. TED surfs a lot so her right arm was fine. Mine, however, got quickly overextended and sore from all those forward-swings and backswings; I was trying to ace and spin the ball you see... that's the only way you win against TED.

This is what my sister sees everyday.

I love fire. I played with this until it died.

The highlight of the trip. Olafur Eliasson at SFMOMA. Felt like I was on the most elegant Acid trip.

We got reprimanded for taking photo's. Oh well. We got some in anyhow and now you're benefiting from them, aren't you?

Everyone must go see this show. It's the first US survey of this incredibly smart artist... he goes so beyond... It's crazy how far he takes you. I haven't used this many senses in a while. Now this is it.

Met up with Yoshi and Big Red as always... and Jess who I haven't seen in years. It was englightening how he would bring up certain memories which I don't recall. Jess asked in the nicest, most harmless way, "does your mom still yell?" Yes, she still does though it's slightly hushed these days.

TED has bad luck with punctually departing flights at SFO (and only here) so it was a good thing we booked an earlier flight home 'cuz we ended up taking the last flight home. Luckily, we safely made it on time to the Devendra show. Oh, the yin and yang of life. TED momentarily freaked out when Gael Garcia Bernal came out on stage to sing. Let's just say people were freaking out at this show.

Everything you would want in a show. Beautiful historic venue, clean sound, competent musicians, charismatic lead singer with awesome energy throughout the 2-plus hour show, heart-melting harmonies, nice volume dynamics with the sound climaxing at the right time which in itself is a good setlist and an element of danger when the crowd rushed the stage. If I was 17, I would of rushed the stage and danced my ass off without a care in the world.

Thanks TED for suggesting this trip. Perfect timing.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lay It Down Easy

I knew this feeling would perhaps return one day. So now that I've unpacked and have finished playing my Scrabulous games on Facebook, I have nothing to do but play my Wurly at night. It's been a few times these past couple of weeks but each time, I remember how fun it is to play music. Just plain old fun, like it used to be a long time ago. Tonight, I remembered the notes to "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head," which sometimes I would play during soundcheck last year. It fact, I remember everything.

I love how memory is stored. The incalculable approach to it. Though I think Aristotle was wrong when he theorized that memory is physically stored in the brain and that it ages over time (and not like a delicious smelly cheese). But really, the time it takes to re "cover" can happen at any moment. Space is not limited and memory is infinite. The spiritual over the physical. But enough of this hippie talk (am still high from an insanely satisfying Devendra show last night so am still very lovey-dovey today), I just think it's cool how I'm loving it again.

Friday, October 05, 2007

"Leave Them All Behind"

I'm still trying to unpack everything since my move back in mid-August. I can't believe how much stuff I have. Such excess. Boxes and boxes that have been stored in the garage for years. Going through them have been heavy; old diaries (I forgot I had actually handwritten complete sentences on paper before), birthday cards, photo's, hand-written letters and poems from exes, drawings, books, records, Hello Kitty stationary (yes!), precious keepsakes...

I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago and was bragging to my father about how I've managed to unpack almost everything and had donated A LOT of unnecessary goods to the Goodwill. Yep, how altruistic am I??? I'm an absolute Good Samaritan. Then my daddy mentioned that I still had a lot of stuff in the garage. "Would you like to take at least some of them now?" he suggested. "Sure, I guess. What do I have?" I replied. I ended up driving home with 5 boxes of records I forgot had ever existed. It took a while for those boxes to make it inside the house. But when they did, I spent two evenings this past week going through them. These are from my high school and college years, you know, those formative years. Now I've stopped listening to my AirTunes and am playing records again. It's been heavy but in such a good cathartic way. Music unlocks those forgotten memories. They're really helping me keep it together right now. Play and you shall receive.

I guess I must have forgotten how obsessed I was with classical music (RCA Red Seal Label, Angel and Nonesuch Records especially), late 50s female pop vocals, jazz and of course, early 90s indie [Ride, Lush, MBV, St. Etienne, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, Electronic, EMF, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Farmland (wtf?), Birdland (what was I thinking?), Jesus Jones (ditto), The Wonder Stuff (yes!), Chapterhouse (yes yes!), Tindersticks, everything Sarah & Teenbeat] were all faves.

Really heavy shit:

Pearl Bailey's "C'est la Vie"
Erik Satie's "Parade, Relâche Ballets et Gymnopédies"
Jean Martinon's "Symphonie Fantastique"
Ride's "Nowhere"
Ramsey Lewis' "The In Crowd"