Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Please take a blanket before entering the freezer...

TED and I decided to escape LA for the weekend in SF. One has to do that once in a while. We flew on Virgin America. I'm impressed; brand new planes, super modern media accessories, slightly cheesy neon soft pink overhead lighting, and let's not forget the very reasonable fares. The best part was the new terminal VA resides in at SFO; very Schiphol...

Our mission was to eat good food (ala Chez Panisse et Tartine) and to go see the Olafur Eliasson show at SFMOMA. We accomplished both and then some. It was a weekend of reconnections and of "going back to one's old style."

Valencia at 19th, after the rain.

My sister picked us up and we went straight to Swan's Oyster Depot. The best clam chowder I've ever had and just the freshest, most delicious oysters from Oregon. Yum yum piggy's bum.

TED and I discovered wii at my sister's. Tennis was the game. TED surfs a lot so her right arm was fine. Mine, however, got quickly overextended and sore from all those forward-swings and backswings; I was trying to ace and spin the ball you see... that's the only way you win against TED.

This is what my sister sees everyday.

I love fire. I played with this until it died.

The highlight of the trip. Olafur Eliasson at SFMOMA. Felt like I was on the most elegant Acid trip.

We got reprimanded for taking photo's. Oh well. We got some in anyhow and now you're benefiting from them, aren't you?

Everyone must go see this show. It's the first US survey of this incredibly smart artist... he goes so beyond... It's crazy how far he takes you. I haven't used this many senses in a while. Now this is it.

Met up with Yoshi and Big Red as always... and Jess who I haven't seen in years. It was englightening how he would bring up certain memories which I don't recall. Jess asked in the nicest, most harmless way, "does your mom still yell?" Yes, she still does though it's slightly hushed these days.

TED has bad luck with punctually departing flights at SFO (and only here) so it was a good thing we booked an earlier flight home 'cuz we ended up taking the last flight home. Luckily, we safely made it on time to the Devendra show. Oh, the yin and yang of life. TED momentarily freaked out when Gael Garcia Bernal came out on stage to sing. Let's just say people were freaking out at this show.

Everything you would want in a show. Beautiful historic venue, clean sound, competent musicians, charismatic lead singer with awesome energy throughout the 2-plus hour show, heart-melting harmonies, nice volume dynamics with the sound climaxing at the right time which in itself is a good setlist and an element of danger when the crowd rushed the stage. If I was 17, I would of rushed the stage and danced my ass off without a care in the world.

Thanks TED for suggesting this trip. Perfect timing.