Monday, October 15, 2007

Lay It Down Easy

I knew this feeling would perhaps return one day. So now that I've unpacked and have finished playing my Scrabulous games on Facebook, I have nothing to do but play my Wurly at night. It's been a few times these past couple of weeks but each time, I remember how fun it is to play music. Just plain old fun, like it used to be a long time ago. Tonight, I remembered the notes to "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head," which sometimes I would play during soundcheck last year. It fact, I remember everything.

I love how memory is stored. The incalculable approach to it. Though I think Aristotle was wrong when he theorized that memory is physically stored in the brain and that it ages over time (and not like a delicious smelly cheese). But really, the time it takes to re "cover" can happen at any moment. Space is not limited and memory is infinite. The spiritual over the physical. But enough of this hippie talk (am still high from an insanely satisfying Devendra show last night so am still very lovey-dovey today), I just think it's cool how I'm loving it again.