Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I have an affinity for Virgos. I've always had and always will I think. One of my heaviest crushes of all time was a Virgo. My first boyfriend was a Virgo. My very best friend in college was a Virgo. Husband is a Virgo. Though Wendy is technically not a Virgo but a Libra; she was born on a cusp of these two signs so to me that counts. Maybe I have an affinity for those born in September then? Whatevs. Here are some pics from Wendy's birthday last night:

The Birthday Girl w/ Nick

The Kool Kids

Jessica singing a special bday song to Wendy.

The Do, Kim and Yao Trifecta - Getting crunk on Hennessy

That's Paul. He left for France today to go surfing. Lucky bastard.

Hennessy is almost dunzo. Everything's a blur now. Nick is the one who suggested I start this blog business. He's the one to blame!