Monday, January 22, 2007

The Most Depressing Day of the Year

My yoga instructor announced that today is the most depressing day of this year. Wow, what a way to start class. She said that scientists have done statistical research study proving that today, January 22, 2007 is the bleakest day of this year. Because of mounting debt from Xmas (no more cheery lights), failed New Year's resolutions (people are back to smoking, drink, [binge] eating, giving up on exercising, etc.) and miserable weather (Southern California being the exception, it's in the 70s today), the majority are just feeling bummed today.

So to pep up this Blue Monday, I met Wiggles at VietSoy for some yummy lunch. I tried the new lemongrass soup. Shit, it's vegetarian but the broth is insanely flavorful, just ridiculously good. Somehow, I'm not feeling that depressed today...


I can't believe we showed up with almost matching shemaghs! I almost wore my green one today!