Monday, June 25, 2007

One Year Anniversary

It's been one whole year today since I started Owley Patrol (inspired by this and that). Here's a late late late nite photo collage of this past year. These are Owley devotees, ones who have been visibly considerate throughout the good (genius), bad (just bad), silly (so stupid) and narcissistic (v. tedious) posts. Wait, the last description really paints it all out; Owley Patrol is all about me and my awesome life! In addition to my crew, I know there are like 9 (maybe 10?) more of you anonymous fans out there in cyberland. I don't mind the negative comments. I'm cool with it, no big deal, you're just being honest and I need that kind of criticism at times; I'm all about improving my life... Thanks for your patronage!

82 posts in one year... Not too bad... This means I'm committed to you like you're my boyfriend or like my favorite weekly TV show, John from Cincinnati, or like my favorite pillow... I'm committed to you blog. Let's reminisce by going back to our first time together...