Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fondue & Light Fare

So I don't know how it happened so last minute but I threw an intimate NYE soiree at my new pad. There was fondue and light fare and I even threw some of the Seasonal Blues in there! Seriously, it wasn't that bad. It was my first party and luckily for the guests, it didn't end in tears. Thanks to Easy for suggesting it (the one who also suggested this blog fyi). I found out capacity was 24, a lot more than I expected.

[Thanks Ollie for the mix cd and Hack Man. I didn't know we share a love for The Pastels.]

It doesn't get any better than both Yaos in one place.

Witty and Waxman, new couple alert!

Stacy with the Tibetan Singing Gong my folks got me for Xmas.

70s soft rock cardy duo

ds & Jen A. made an appearance even though they were both under the weather. Thank you very much.

It wouldn't be a party without TED.

This wasn't really taken on NYE but it sure felt like it. My bestest high school friends reunited for one night last week, Phuong and Kristen. Super rare, super super.