Sunday, June 08, 2008

Wedding of the Year

My cousin got married this past weekend. We're the same age, his wife is a decade younger. This has been a long time coming. Finally, the "rare" male in our family was going to get married and (hopefully) continue the "Do" name and legacy.

Vietnamese weddings are major in my culture. I'm just gonna skip to the photo's and if you want, you can read all about it on Wikipedia. This is my interpretation of events as it has always been before, things that really have happened to me though I've always disclosed to my friends that my blog is an exaggeration of my life (sometimes it just flows better you know?) I try to make it more exciting than it is so I may believe that my life is truly how I imagine it to be. As Mr. Sedaris succinctly said in today's Sunday Times, "Memoir is the last place you’d expect to find the truth." If anything, this blog is fun to do? Has my self-importance gone to extreme delusions of grandeur? Why must I blog?

Friday traffic sucks (as always) so I barely made it to my fitting in Little Saigon for my two áo dàis I got made especially for the wedding. Then I was told that we would be going to Hong An bò 7 món for dinner with the rest of our 40 or so close family members in town for the wedding. Great. Another 7 courses of beef. That would be my 6th time this year! That's once a month, 42 courses of beef! And we're definitely not taking in account the infinite number of other red meat meals I've already devoured this year. I mean 7 courses of beef is for truly special occasions, reserved for like maybe once or twice a year, not 6 in less than the first half of the year! I feel insanely bloated. Wii Fit is not gonna be happy with me tonight. Thank God I'm going on this vegan lunch meal plan I have starting this Monday where is going to deliver "yummy" meals weekly. See, my life is not all about preaching the deliciousness of carnivores. Gluten and seitan can be tasty too you know... I really hope I don't have to eat my words about this...

My cousin and his bride, a total sweetheart.

My sis and Co Lien carrying the roses in the procession.

The bride and her mom, who traveled all the way from Vietnam to take part in the ceremony. She was a must!

Besides the procession, part of the ancestor ceremony includes all the familial introductions, jewelry exchanges by both moms and many many envelopes...

Doesn't my cousin, the groom, look like the Vietnamese Peter Sellers?

Of course there was a pig! And of course, I requested the best part, the cheeks! It was beyond tasty. Yum yum piggy's bum...

Not only was I roped into seating the arrived guests to their tables, I was also the "filler" for those who arrived solo... It's very very bad luck to have 3 in a photo so I was the lucky fourth in these photo ops. A lot of them were older, usually my kind of thing but I've given that up now... Only my generation from now on...

My Uncle Bob toasting the bride and groom. Lots of speeches that night. All of them good too, especially the groom's! Who knew he could be so profound. Yes! Family is "BIG."

The night was filled with amazing singers with amazing dresses belting it all out all night long! Carole Kim was a highlight for me though the guitarist's tone was a bit too screechingly loud for my taste but otherwise, top rate entertainment!

And if you hadn't already guessed, I purposefully had my dresses made in the colors yellow and purple. Yes, Laker colors. I'm a fan, always have been even through Kobe's questionable years... I'm wearing my Kobe Sunday jersey best today. I just gotta believe!