Monday, July 14, 2008

Facing backwards, towards home

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been out of sorts this past week, completely disjointed. I'm finally feeling a bit more like myself tonight, getting back into the swings of things. Been meaning to post the most special time I had when Lacenaire was in town last week. I think I did more in those 10 days than I've done in a three years! A historic no-hitter Dodgers v. Angels Freeway Series game, the amazing victory of Spain over Germany (online bets success pour lui), the T.A.M.I Show screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (even though I've never been the biggest fan, James Brown just kills it and Jan & Dean are kings esp. on skateboards as expected), the yummiest meals (high to low, fine dining to home cooked, it didn't matter, it was always delicious), MTV's Best Dance Crew show taping (today's real TAMI show for sure! Lacenaire was correct, the estrogen level rivaled those for the Stones), lucky timing with the monumental Watts Towers, ridiculous 4th of July Malibu extravaganza, a funny early 90s hip hop drunken dance party and of course, Joshua Tree, 29 Palms Inn, Wonder Valley, the power outage where nighttime swimming while looking at the stars was the most perfect natural thing to do.