Thursday, March 19, 2009

bicycle, bicyclette, cykel

Bicycles are somewhat foreign to me. I grew up in car culture, I drive everywhere, everywhere. It's a necessity here in LA. It's a given!

But I am so looking forward to renting my Velib in Paris...

And to get all CPH like the rest... This is my new favorite blog:

A-MAZING... Contemplating renting one for London but not sure if I want to ride with this lot!

My classic J.C. Higgins bike I found in front of my old house and recently had it spruced up at this great new place, Echo Park Cycles. I don't use it that often as I'm still freakishly scared to ride it in LA! People drive crazy here! I use all precaution at all times!

"The key to any successful bike culture is to get women onto bikes. They are the group that is most likely to ride and yet least likely to actually do it, especially in urban settings."