Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dolly Mixture

The Dolly Mixture documentary is finally coming to LA! I only wish this screening is paired with Lawrence Of Belgravia...

ooga booga presents the u.s. film debut of...

Take Three Girls: The Dolly Mixture Story
london filmmaker paul kelly's documentary focuses on dolly mixture, one of the best yet highly under-appreciated indie pop bands. formed in 1978, the all-female teenage trio released a few legendary singles and the classic double album "demonstration tapes." tours and shows followed with bands like the undertones, the fall and the damned, to name a few. though dolly mixture disbanded in 1984, the group's influence has been far-reaching and is heard in bands like beat happening, vivian girls, heavenly, unrest, and countless others.
Dir. Paul Kelly, 2010, UK, DVD, 40 minutes, with director in attendance!!!

film screening is this tuesday 8pm
at cottage home