Friday, July 21, 2006

Guardian Angel

Seriously, who wears this an 11-hour flight from LA to Tokyo? Flying economy on Korean Air is bad enough (can anyone say bibimap?) but I guess this girl is most snug almost naked (w/pink heels on naturally!) Too bad there isn't a frontal pic for you but as you can see, I had to keep my stalking on the DL (why do I love to stalk strangers?) Her make-up consisted of just black lipstick and black eyeliner, a true guardian angel protecting us on this flight. My husband "accidently" bumped into her on her way out of the bathroom on the plane. He had wanted to say "meet me back here in 15 minutes" but being married and all, it's rather inappropriate. BUT to wear a get-up like this on a plane just says "I don't really give a fuck what you think about me, I know I'm hot." So you can file this under "Don'ts" and "Dos" I suppose. And if you know this girl, I apologize for the harsh comments. Can you introduce us? :)