Thursday, July 06, 2006

I will not sleep (I will remain awake)

I generally sleep pretty well but there was a time when I was suffering from sleep deprivation due to what seemed like a never-ending month of daily travel. It's not fun being on an airplane almost everyday; it wears you down. My sage yogi friend recommended I try Yoga Nidra, also known as Psychic Sleep. It's a deep relaxation technique to eliminate physical, mental and emotional tension while maintaining consciousness. He gave me some audio tracks that his Guru made of this meditation practice.

OMG, It worked! Well it worked for me even if I wasn't doing it properly. This "yogic sleep" is supposed to give you like 3-6 hours of sleep/rest in 30 minutes! Seriously, for reals... You have to stay conscious during the entire practice through visualization; this takes you past the dreaming state and onto deep sleep. BUT this guru's voice is so relaxing that it becomes almost impossible for me to remain awake; I tend to just fall into deep sleep within 15 minutes. So it works in a weird way for me and I'm cured now.

Try it for yourself and hopefully you'll get something out of it. Namaste Bitches.

Yoga Nidra.mp3