Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hell on Wheels

Frosty's Rollerskate Birthday was earlier tonight at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale. I was very apprehensive about having to rollerskate again. The last time was in junior high school and I do believe that in each of the only two times I went in 8th grade I had managed to sprain both of my ankles; the left on the first time, the right on the second time... I never bothered to go again.

The rink had a very Roller Boogie feel to it, a lot of disco and a lot of serious skaters, showing off really fancy moves.. fluid, swift, sort of like the cadence of a flow yoga class. I started very slow, I might as well been crawling at first. Then the referee, (he was also the one who rented my smelly skates) told me to just look up. Whoa. And that made all the difference.

As I loosened up a bit and sort of improved (was still too scared to go in the middle with the advance skaters though), it got so much fun (I didn't even mind the music) and got a really good workout from it. I felt spry on the feet and was glad I tried something that hasn't been kind to me in the past. One warning though: do try to avoid their cherry and strawberry slushies, pure sugar and hardly any ice! Totally gross, the complete opposite of deliciousness.

Birthday Boy and his gal pal

w/ Jenny during the "Couples Only" song

Sexy Jenny

w/ Maura... now I'm really having fun. The fear of falling on my ass (or face) is slowly fading away...

My favorite song for the last week or so - Taken by Trees' Lost and Found.mp3