Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mr. Wrigley's Spearmint Island

I consider myself a Californian so it's bewildering why I've never been to Catalina Island until now. A few weeks ago, I took the ferry to this island 26 miles off the coast of Southern California. The Pacific Blue... What a beautiful island.

The result of the fires that happened a few months ago. It only affected 10% of the island, up in the mountains.

Going green; you can see how the trees are slowing coming back to life.

Took a touristy adventure through the island to see the bisons. Aaaah... Look mom, there's the prairie cow!!!

Zane Grey Hotel. Where I stayed. Kick ass pool. Highly recommend.

The mountain view.

Look out upon the Myriad Harbour. The ocean view.

A Life Aquatic. Took a semi-submarine boat tour in search for nocturnal creatures. I couldn't catch it on photo's but the marine phenomenon of bioluminescence was the highlight, just magical.

Here's what it looked like slowed down a thousandfold.

Always on guard, here's my boat docked, patrolling Avalon.

Oh yeah, Happy Bastille Day.