Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Deathly Hallows

Last weekend I went to New York again. I took the red-eye. It helped though the 4-hour delay due to mechanical error was the main bore this time around. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as hot and humid as I thought it would be for this time of the year. It was actually lovely. Stayed in UWS again and did what UWS residents usually do: hung out in Central Park, shopped at Balducci's, dined at various neighboring bistros, read the new Harry Potter, etc...

An evening stroll through Central Park.

Met up with Amy at the Andrew Kreps Gallery in Chelsea. Can I just say how rad her shit is? It's pretty ultimate.

This is David Sherry's work who is also in this group show. Another awesome artist and person.

You know, I was really into doing UWS things. This is what you do. You walk 40 blocks uptown and catch a friendly game of baseball in the park.

Had a yummy dinner with one of my oldest bestest friend from high school at some Japanese joint on Houston. Yum yum, piggy's bum...

I took the subway all the way to Brooklyn (which is a big feat for me!) to see Susie's new baby boy, Max. He's wearing the onesie I got for him. Babies are precious.

On my last night, I made it downtown to Sway to see my old friends. Kuo introduced me to Dan, Abby and Pascal (who was there in spirit); they are all in his new band... Here's the first look at Clams Casino, the super duper new band that will soon blow your mind!