Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On the cutting edge of...

Here's me being edgy this evening at Family Bookshop, part of the Dublab crew doing our usual edgy thang. I tore it down on the mic and my playlist was so edgy, so funky, so groovy; totally out of the box in every sense. Afterwards, I had a nice chat with David, the proprietor, and ended up with these two books: Joe Boyd's "White Bicycles" and Georges Simenon's "Dirty Snow." Both are for research; part of my continuing education on being a tastemaker in all things edgy.

It was so edgy, so daring, so provocative that no one got it yet. We're so ahead of the game, it's ridiculous. Being edgy can give you an edge. Be edgy. Be fresh. Be sensational.