Monday, June 29, 2009

"Words, Don't come easy"

Arrived into NY and was immediately taken to something that looked a bit Sinister and got dizzy from the circular motion of it all. I was literally walking and reading in circles. May I suggest purchasing this book, F.R. David, from its online bookshop (whose editor I had the pleasure of meeting a few months ago)?

Josef Albers and Henry Moore, two faves.
Randomly stumbled upon Left Bank Books, an excellent first edition bookshop in the West Village and the music geek in me could not resist listening to "Positively 4th Street." Here, covered by The Byrds.

I cringe every time I see Curb Your Enthusiasm but Woody Allen's new film, Whatever Works, makes me the biggest Larry David fan now... Loved it.

My new favorite subterranean NY store is Ale et Ange on Orchard. Been obsessing over nice thin cotton tees lately and found the loveliest pale shade of pink/salmon men's tee for this summer. Nice summer...

Supported the DVD trading B'Ling gals at the No Soul for Sale project hosted by the curiously interesting X Initiative.

And got seriously intense at the I.U.D. show before I headed back west...