Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bill Callahan

I went to see Bill Callahan play last night. I've been loving his new record, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle. Do you know when you listen to a song so much, it becomes something else in your head and when you get the opportunity to see it performed live, it takes on another dimension? ...Well it was just magical last night.

I was mesmerized by his stage presence. Some might say he can be a bit stiff or boring on stage, but it's not about that at all. It's about the songs, the words, the melodies, the musicianship of the band coming together. It was really quiet last night, you could hear every played note, you could hear every word from his voice. It was really pretty. And visually, he looked amazing. My kind of pop idol poet: sporting the popular dress shirt in white, tucked into his fitted Levi's blue jeans, the white sleeves rolled up, the collar up as well (only on certain songs with the right amount of appropriateness), wearing his small Les Paul high, with his full head of salt + pepper hair gracing his boyish face. You could tell he was deep in the music, so was I... You should have seen him get low.