Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Modern Jive

I saw Girls a couple of weeks ago at the Echo (they opened up for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, whoa... early 90s indie pop is having a resurgence now!) And don't the kids just love it?

Christopher Owens started playing music just three years ago. He played in Holy Shit for a bit and Fishbeck encouraged him to continue. Good thinking Matt. When I found this out, it all made sense: Matt + I share a sensibility for Felt... alright, we love Felt. And it only makes sense that Christopher would also share this as well. That's why I like Girls so much... And what about their name? Girls... I mean who doesn't love GIRLS?

While "Hellhole Ratrace" is pretty epic, this song just kills me.


Though I'm inclined to kill all hippies, I think I could convert to Bay Area dirty hippyism for a bit; get some tattoos (of Asian characters mais oui!), not shower for a few days, dabble in pansexualism, get spaced out... and this would be just for Girls...

Girly hair, I like how he gets low and wears his Rickenbacker high...