Thursday, October 08, 2009


Okay I can't help myself. I seriously was not going to blog on Owley Patrol for a while as I focus on something much more important, much more life-changing and stimulating than erm... this... but this is special...this is precious... I needed to follow up on this... This will complete the cycle.

This morning, a fellow LOS told me about Ping! for the iPhone. Remember how I went on and on about BBM and that's why it's been so hard to fully embrace the iPhone in this last year? Well... Have a look at this application. It is totally Awesome. And it actually works! I've Ping! four friends (John, Amy, Sam and Bob) just in the last hour. I'm hooked! Just like when I was addicted to BBM.

Don't ask for my Ping! ping... You should know that already you dolt... dolt! It's a given! And remember to keep up okay?