Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A civilized kind of tour

It's been three years since I quit touring. I was beat up at the end of the North American tour and when I finally got home, I canceled the European tour due to "exhaustion." I had it with playing live. Had it with sound check. Had it with looking at the band. Had it with eating shitty random food on the side of freeways (though I did love the truck stops). Had it with sitting at the merch table... Had it with waiting around 23 hours of each day for that one hour we would play. I was done. I was bored.

And then somehow this tour materialized out of nowhere. Last month, I decided to plan a little mini European solo tour for First Husband, Mr. Bickerson, erm Darren Rademaker! This is an "inspirational" tour, greatest hits mixed with new "soon to be recorded" hits! It will mainly be Darren and his electric (in his short shorts) but I think I'll be accompanying him on some Tyde tunes... only if it feels right. The London show will be a special one. We have lovely friends from Fujiya and Miyagi, The Loves and Comet Gain joining in that night. Very loosey-goosey... Part tour, part holiday, I think this might be the best way to go from now on... I'm genuinely excited about playing again... See you out there somewhere Owley fans? And this time, no merch whatsoever...


The Short Shorts Euro Tour 2009

30 Oct > Paris @ Panic Room + DJs Magickrew
31 Oct > Paris @ Ground Zero Records
31 Oct > Paris @ Tigre + Deejettes Magickrew
01 Nov > Paris @ La Maroquinerie
03 Nov > Stockholm @ Last Waltz, Bonden Bar
04 Nov > Göteborg @ Woody West, Pusterviksbare 
05 Nov > London @ The Lexington