Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Hottie: Ideal for Cold Winter Nights

I had such an unbelievable time in London Jeremy. Thank you.

You and Jamie completely spoiled me; it was so comforting waking up to homemade granola and the wonderful smell of coffee on those chilly mornings.

I told you that the one thing I wanted to get on this tour was a hot water bottle and London seemed like the perfect place to get something like this. As I much as I adore my Teddy, I need a hottie to keep me company for the coldest nights of the year.

You took me to Labour and Wait to see if there was a nice one. Sadly, my new favorite shop isn't carrying hotties this season (though I did find a lovely Armor Lux Breton red stripe top...)

But Boots have everything don't they? I found a nice basic red one and since I've been back in LA, it's been keeping me warm all week. No more earaches, backaches, muscle aches, tummy aches...

Hot water bottles are common in Europe but not so much in the States. I reckon it could be a liability if the thing pops and someone ends up suing someone else for cause of injury... So American of us innit? BUT a hot water bottle is a great energy-efficient way to stay warm during the winter months. It uses less energy than an electric blanket, a space heater or central heating... And in the mornings, I feed my plants with its lukewarm water. Nostalgically old-fashioned but thoroughly modern with its uses, it's a classic. When I go back to yours in a few weeks, I think I'll buy a few more as Xmas gifts...

An Englishman who is currently living in LA told me this week that the trick to keeping a hottie warm all night is to get all the air out of it before sealing it. His mum taught him that.

In my dreams, the best of both worlds...