Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ooga Booga Mini Shop opens!

Unstoppable. This past weekend, two formidable figures of Los Angeles, Una and Wendy, joined forces to create the Ooga Booga Mini Shop within the Keep shop in West Hollywood. This just makes me so giddy. I love these girls. 'Tis the season...

Charley Harper goes well with baby Keep shoes.

Look Jeremy, it's the Atherton Lin 2010 Stand Up Straight Calendar prominently displayed!

Keep + Ooga Booga have made fresh fruit preserves and pickled beets in honor of their collaboration.  These limited edition jams and pickles used sustainable produce only.

The ever useful JanSport backpacks.

I learned about "Secret Male Hypotism" in Melissa Ip's zine.

The ribbon cutting ceremony courtesy of the Los Angeles Police department.