Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Owley Patrol: The Holiday Edition

Bonne Fetes! Gift season is here, holiday parties are abound and a few of those are the unavoidable but welcomed Pink Elephant parties. These are fun, at times cutthroat, and calls for creativity. But alas, in these exorbitantly fast times, one doesn't always have time for imagination so thus gift certificates are sadly, the norm these days. I'm not saying these are bad; my Sea Level Records gift certificate that I kindly received at Frosty's party has already been put to good use and that gift certificate for Dermalogica Spa is anxiously sitting on the desk.

The Bou-Clapp Annual Xmas Party: I was in charge of dessert so that's my flourless chocolate mousse cake.

This is the coral that everyone wanted. The probability of me getting it was slim since the number I had drawn was so so low. Nancy had a really good chance of getting it but she got too greedy and Christopher ended up with it to her dismay. And she was the hostess! I'm telling you, these parties are cutthroat!

Frosty's Annual Pink Elephant Party: I had originally gotten a nice bottle of Maker's Mark (omg, my favorite!) and really did think that I was going to get to keep it but at the very end, Frosty took it away from me! Grinch...

Cuties Erin and Jimmy. They got good gifts but don't exactly remember what they were...but they were good...

I baked a Snow-Topped Santa Spice Cake and was very proud of it (see foreground). Then Chloe comes in with her perfect double-layer Black Forest Cake. Damn, I can't compete with that! She is a master.

Jenny's spur-of-the-moment gathering. Though the heater was on the fritz and the firewood wasn't catching on fire, the wine, good company, Godard's "Contempt" and Jenny dressed as a Christmas tree made it all warm and festive.

Here's a relevant and celebratory song for Christmas:
Nina Simone's "Ain't Got No - I Got Life.mp3"