Friday, December 22, 2006

To Protect and Serve

LA's Finest have crossed the line between cop and criminal... How did LA's Finest fall so far so fast? Here's the evidence:

The perpetrators: Mouse, Wiggles, Owley, Munchkin and Little Boo Hoo

Little Boo Hoo shows us how to put the record back in its proper sleeve.

iPod usage only if you're on the run from Yale.

Munchkin, feeling it. This is how we do it... cutting it up.

The Wiggles dance party.

[Side Note: Wiggles has an excellent shop, Ooga Booga, located in Chinatown. For those who can't physically shop there, she has just created a webshop filled with treasures she carries in her shop. Please have a look, it's pretty ultimate...]