Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Bloody Valentine

On the eve of this Valentine's Day, I think it's befitting to share my love for 60s French pop chanteuse, Claudine Longet. Musically, she is best known for her cover of "Love is Blue" and infamously as that woman who shot and killed her handsome boyfriend, champion skier Vladimir "Spider" Sabich, in a fit of deadly jealousy. Love gone awry...

The best interpretation of this questionable "accidental" murder is from the Mick Jagger penned "Claudine" that was ultimately cut from the 1980 Stones' album, "Emotional Rescue."

"Claudine's back in jail again
She only does it at weekends
Claudine Oh, Claudine
Now only Spider knows for sure
But he ain't talkin' about it any more
Is he, Claudine?
There's blood in the chalet
And blood in the snow
Washed her hands of the whole damn show
The best thing you could do, Claudine
Shot him once right through the head
Shot him twice right through the chest
The judge says it was an accident, Claudine
Accidents will happen (In the best homes)
What about the children, baby?
Poor, poor children
Now I threaten my wife with a gun
I always leave the safety on
I recommend it
Now she pistol whipped me once or twice
But she never tried to take my life (What do you think about that)
The prettiest girl I ever seen
I saw you on the movie screen
Hope you don't try to make a sacrifice of me
Claudine (Don't get trigger happy with me)
Don't wave a gun at me (Claudine)"

It wasn't until after her marriage ended to Andy Williams that she really came into her own musically, interpreting modern day pop songs in her own soft and sexy distinctive way. The seduction wasn't through heavy breathing ala Birkin or Bardot; it was the charm of her slight innocent French accent...

Here are two bewitching covers that will lure you into Claudine's world...

Claudine - Sleep Song.mp3
Claudine - Let's Spend the Night Together.mp3