Friday, February 09, 2007

The Start of My Polar Year

I went to NY last week for a solo holiday. It was a much needed break; good to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. It was nasty cold which was quite contrary from what I'm used to; my semi-wet hair froze one day and my legs felt like they might break, literally... Though NY is a pretty big town, it's such a small community with my group of friends; I think I saw the same people multiple times each day. No affront here, it's just that I think it's confining yet neighborly at the same time. Really, it's awesome in NY. I guess I'm used to more of the disconnection and aloofness that happens in LA. It was also a girly trip. I haven't been around so many girlfriends in a concentrated time in a very long time, I felt young again...

The Proenza Schouler for Target party at Opening Ceremony. It was a shopping frenzy, scary but in a good immediate way.

Humberto with his sweet mom

Melissa & Wendy

BARR, Andrea and Kuo
Afterwards, we made our way down to Vegetarian Dim Sum. Never had dim sum that late, let alone vegetarian! The mock duck did not taste like duck, it was just tofu skin with soy sauce!.. but it was pretty tasty. It did me right :)

Later on, I met up with Phuong & Sanford and they took me to La Caverna on Rivington for the monthly Japanese Pop Nite. There was this go-go dancer who was pretty impressive.

On Friday night, I went to the highly anticipated David Byrne's "Welcome to Dreamland" at Carnegie Hall which featured musical performances from the "freak folk" scene (gosh, I really dislike that moniker).

I loved it... so gorgeous and gentle... Vashti's beautiful voice was even better live, Coco Rosie was amusing, Devendra was as charming as ever, Vetiver played my favorite song, "I Know No Pardon," and I finally got to see Adem. He performed "Spirals" which was the ultimate for me that night.

"You marked
The back of my hand
You drew a heart
And some tiny dots
And a spiral
Which together spell
‘I want you’
In electricity"

[Hey Andy, thanks for the hook up, I really appreciate it!]

On Saturday, I took the train to New Haven to visit Amy as she was having her MFA Thesis show at Yale that evening. This pic was taken from her kitchen. It was my first time in New Haven. Felt very collegiate...

Amy's spacious studio

Amy's art friends

Amy's work was obviously the best out of all her classmates. I know I'm biased but she freakin' killed it.

A cherry tomato accidently rolled underneath one of her works so that's D. Sherry scooping it out. Helpful guy.

Was going to spend the night in New Haven but decided to take a late train back to Manhattan. Went straight to Beatrice Inn to meet up with the girls. That's Christine, Carol and Jenny, my awesome roomies in NY.

Was pleasantly surprised to run into Matt there as well. Loving his look right now.

On Sunday, we all attended Patrik Ervell's show. Great lighting, cute boys, well-tailored clothes.

Cynthia & Wendy. Cynthia was the surprise highlight of my trip. We've known of each other for years (perhaps 9?) but never really hung out until now...

Hanging out before the United Bamboo show.

Ben Cho's genius show. A long long time ago when I had moved to NY, on my first night, Ben, who was trying to cheer me up, did my makeup and gave me raccoon eyes. When I saw myself in the mirror, I think I cried. I moved back to LA soon after that. J/K... Ben's just the best!

Then onwards to Sway where Ben was djing the Smiths Nite. That's Kuo giving me an oatmeal cookie shot, it was pretty disgusting. I don't understand why some guys really like super sweet drinks.

Marcella and P Bear

Doesn't matter if it was 3am at a noisy bar, Noah Georgeson was seriously concentrating on playing chess. Dedicated.

On my last night, Carol & Humberto's moms made us a delicious feast. So good.

Cho & Wiggles eating it up.