Saturday, December 15, 2007

Warmest Night of the Year

Time has flown by quickly this December and it's only mid-month! Here's a quick summary of what's been happening in my world:

Ezra and I dj'ed this Kiehl's event which gave me the opportunity to wear my Owley glasses again. I played one Xmas song which got me into the spirit of the holidays. Oh yeah, I was feeling the Holiday Cheer.

I had to report for jury duty and this time around, I was fully prepared, even psyched to be called in for a case. During the morning orientation, the judge's speech was deeply inspiring...

And because I truly wanted to be on a case this time around (there is no duty of good citizenship more important than jury duty), I wasn't called (mais oui) and was released by day's end. I've fulfilled my jury service.

There was Folkhands' Unfitney's Birthday Bash which was a hot mess all around. One thing that stuck with me was when I was introduced to this blond hair girl, she commented how I had the most beautiful "Asian" hair. wtf? Who says this kind of shit nowadays? wtf?

Happy Birthday Folkhands. Glad I got to spend it with you.

Colin took me to see Richard Hawley. It was awesome and I decided that rockabilly ala English is okay with me. Totes. And the best thing happened that night. I had heard through a friend that Bob Lind (yes, one of my heroes) was going to be there and perhaps play with Mr. Hawley?!?! As I was walking into the Troubadour, I ran into Ian and he introduced me to Mr. Lind!!! Apparently, Hawley is producing a new Lind record! It was the ultimate fan encounter experience, just totally out of nowhere. Just like when I had met Anthony Bourdain last year, I was 'tarding out like you wouldn't believe! The show and what happened just reaffirmed to me that older guys are the shit. If you look like this, please contact me as I'm interested...

An absolute stunner...

I went into Dublab and completed Part Two of my "To the left, to the left" set which I did earlier this year. The title is rather ridiculous but here you go. It should of been called this instead... I will cry at Christmas...

Part One
Part Two

You're welcome, tis' my pleasure... This goes out to Trumbull and Hartford... Merry Christmas!