Monday, April 30, 2007

I left my heart in San Francisco

I flew up to SF with my best friends to see Jarvis Cocker this past weekend. He's been a major part of my musical education and when Pulp played the West Coast last, I was living in Vietnam. Coachella was out of the question; I wanted a proper show, one with bells and whistles and all of Jarvis' charm that I've only heard, read about or seen on the tv.

Anticipation was high and I was hoping that I hadn't over-hype the experience. It didn't lessen when Bob Lind's "Cool Summer" and Bonnie Dobson's "Winter's Going" were playing right before he went on. These two heartbreaking songs are from a compilation Jarvis made last year with Steve Mackey called "The Trip." These songs (about how love fades with the seasons) made everything come together for me right then.

Now listen to Bob Lind's "Cool Summer."

Another song I love from this comp is Dory Previn's "The Lady with the Braid." Dory is Andre Previn's first wife before he left her for Mia Farrow. She sings about finding meaning in mystical otherworlds, astrology, stars, tarot cards... all with the charm of an insecure yet seasoned girl. You see, it all came together then. Ever since last week's enlightening encounter with the Clairvoyant at Vietsoy (by chance of course), these songs, the show, it was almost too much... (but in a very good way). Wonder comes to you when you least expect it and it just blows your mind.

I digress. How was the show? It was extraordinary and you could hear every single word Jarvis was singing and saying. He's so funny! LOL!!! There was interpretive dance, self-deprecating jokes, and of course, brilliant songs... he covered a Doors song, "Crystal Ships"!!! Jarvis totally represented the West Coast! Unbelievable!


The view from my sister's where we had the pleasure and luxury of staying at... Thanks Thuy Ha!

w/ Jungle Rock and TED at my favorite shop in SF. The Painted Bird is made for me; almost everything has been edited according to my taste and size! What more can you ask for?

Soon to be newlyweds, Atherton and Lin. Jeremy showed me his new tattoo which he got done to cover over his old squidly sun tattoo. Jamie drew it. It's kinda pretty for a tattoo I guess. Better than a squidly sun!

We brought the LA heat and sunshine to SF; it was 80 degrees this past Saturday! Ti Couz is one of my fave places to eat in SF. I call this my "Sex and the City" photo. It's absolutely cliche and really cheesy... but cute right? I'm thinking that I'm Charlotte?

Met up with Yoshi and Big Red at the Latin American Club after the show. They have not aged since high school. Seriously, it's pretty rad that they still look this young and innocent.

I don't know why Jeannie was holding hands with this San Francisco pink freak on a unicycle.

The next morning, we visited the De Young Museum to catch the Vivienne Westwood show. This is TED in front of some of the beautiful California murals created by Gottardo Piazzoni.

The best thing about the De Young was going up to the observation deck where you had 360 degree views of SF you were on the tallest and awesomest tree house.

A meta moment: TED and Gunst checking out the Owley Patrol blog! They are true fans!!!