Sunday, April 08, 2007


Inebriation, the best way to get ready the night before the big dance party...

Wiggles & Cho

The dinner party

Wendy, who catered the delicious food, directs her staff.

Cho, DeGraw and Spanky

Relph as the 4th mannequin

Ezra & Brian

Carol & Jenny

Mrs. Sprinkles Cupcakes

It's Chotime

Scott & Marc

Kevin & Eric

When Barr meets Tamborello

Happy Birthday Isabel

Olivia, killing it...

Trisha & Kevin. Disclaimer: They are not together...

Maddy & Nicole on Spring Break

The posse

This is what happens after two beers.

The two soundtracks for this entry is the new Dntel album, Dumb Luck, whose title track is just so awesome. Actually, the entire album so awesome, in every possible way. The other new album for tonight is the new Brett Anderson which is less than okay even though I really want to like it. I know, it's almost impossible to match Suede, right? That must explain why the captions are a bit blah today. I can't be funny every single time you know...