Monday, March 24, 2008

Special Treatment

Was requested last minute by the sis to install all her window treatments and to rearrange her office. Yeah I was flown up to do some manual labor, some feng shui consultation, the usual. I'm pretty good with tools, especially with the electric drill (while on the step ladder too!) Yep, I'm pretty handy. A day of work and a day of play. It was totally worth it... I even had time to go to my favorite shop, the Painted Bird, and scored some really nice duds. Here are the "play" pics:

Met up with Will who I haven't seen in ages. He was once a fancy tie wearing BMW kinda serious guy. Still serious, he's all about "sexy" bikes (seriously, wtf does that mean?) and hypochondriacing on being a hypochondriac these days. Will, you're not manorexic, you're just really fit.

Will seriously pondered whether or not to purchase a bottle of the Green Fairy.

On Easter Sunday, the sis and I drove through bucolic Napa Valley. In the background against the clear blue sky, you can see a faint cross, we're in God's Country now.

Indian Springs, Calistoga. The hot springs, that geyser-fed mineral pool has magical healing powers. Massage, Buddha Pond, perfect 80s degrees sunshine. Complete relaxation. Nothing bad to say about this place except for the less than stellar customer service which is not surprising for this country bumpkin sort of town. JK :)

And the highlight of the trip was our dinner at Bouchon. The Maine lobster, pork belly with grapefruit frisée salad was absolutely D E L I C I O U S.

Made it back to the city just in time for my rock'n'roll nite with Jens at BOTH (my current fave, he blew me away back in LA a couple of days before). Sound guru, Mickey, with his new longboard he scored at SXSW. So sweet.

Yoshi with Jens. When he played this Arthur Russell cover (which I suggest you listen to while reading this entry) with his kalimba, that was it for me.

It was Easter. The Easter Bunny was at the show of course. I was thinking whether or not I was going to have Easter egg hunting dreams or Alice in Wonderland nightmares that night.