Saturday, March 29, 2008

Love the Game, Pt. 2

I got invited last minute to a Clippers game (vs. Memphis Grizzlies!) by Ez with his bro. Hanging with the Woods... Yes, I was in for a sweet time. OMG, what a freaking treat! There were so many fun dance performances in between breaks, not as transcendent as the Jabbawockeez but I'm so into dancing right now... Everything is happening the way it should be right now.

Awesome seats right?

When the Clipper Spirit Dance team threw out tees towards the end of the game, I requested the new friend I made in the front seat to make sure he got me one but I ended up getting one all by myself!!! It bounced off Ez's shoulder and landed perfectly into my palms. This is a first in all the games I've ever been to in the last decade. "Fan Patrol." How appropriate is the tee for my blog?

And the best thing? The Clips won.