Tuesday, March 04, 2008


A last minute getaway weekend to the Upper West Side.

The view from Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center. Their tomato soup and accompanying grilled cheese are on par with mine which is to say that it's delicious, just exquisite.

I had hoped that it would snow and I got my wish Friday night. What a treat for a Californian. Perfect little fluffy snowflakes...

One of the only three friends I saw was... Matt Wolf... He just made this awesome Arthur Russell documentary. All he could talk about was his big zit (see left side of his forehead) and not about how we had madly fallen in love with one another at Jeremy & Jamie's wedding last September. Insensitive bastard. I hope that zit scars.

A little bit of California in the Big Apple...

Went to the New Museum to check out My Barbarian's video installation, "The Golden Age." You HAVE to go. The New Museum is what all new museums should aspire to: gorgeous roof-top panoramic views of the city (which itself was worth the price of admission), perfect sized galleries, good looking bookshop and okay art. Hell Yes!

Dolcetto and yummy artichoke dip at Freeman's with Gigi.

The other friend I met up with was Arthur at the Met. It was just so easy to just hop across the park from UWS... F*** downtown... The new photography gallery and the Courbet exhibit are a few of the many new things there. It's just one of the best museums in the world.

Damien Hirst's iconic shark. I mean the new shark. I mean the new preserved shark.

The one of two supposed highlights of this trip was to go see Keren Ann at the Bowery... Hmmmm. Let's just say her t-shirt said it all (C A S H). It was underwhelming, too casual, too short, random song selection... For a modern day chanteuse, there was just a general lack of flair. BUT her voice sounded amazing, the guitarist/bassist offered lovely harmonies and I scored a nice table upstairs! I'll still buy her records though.