Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Could it be... SEITAN?

"If you're going to kill the animal, it seems only polite to use the whole thing."

My blog is about being positive and I'm really conscious about trying to keep the entries Pollyanna as I'm so terribly repugnant and bratty in real life. Today, I had a friend tell me that we can't be friends right now cuz' he doesn't think he can take my blunt criticism as it's just too much. Just too much.

Here's the real me. I like food. Like A L O T. About two weeks ago, my culinary experience traveled to fantastical ecstasy, then plunged to plebeian grime and then back where it should be, top-drawer... From Bouchon, I dined at Real Funt Daily with some dear old friends* visiting from up the California Coast. They are vegan (maybe macrobiotic, I can never remember these things.). Anyways, what they thought was the "Shit" was really shit to me. My main entrée was the special salad which filled me up but gave me a tummy ache. Not good. Dude, I am besotted with fruit and tormented by veggies... I do organic almost all the time but RFD is so lame. Last year my colleague got kicked out of this joint as she was waiting for takeaway cuz' she was eating some ice cream from yummy Boule! They say they do not allow any diary products in their facility but leather is okay as well as mobile phones. WTF? How hypocritical. I've eaten Buddhist vegetarian food since I was a newborn. It's delicious. I'm all for it but when it becomes this inane, there's no excuse for it. Recently, I had a whole milk latte I got from Boule and took it to RFD and when asked about my beverage, I lied and said it was "soy" and they all smiled, super impressed and seated me right away.** I did right.

"The Shit"***

By week's end, I went back to what I know. I had Vietnamese seven courses of beef and felt right at home. I'll eat anything... anything... as long as it's delicious.

* I love my vegan friends up North regardless of their dietary habits.*
** I only went cuz' my bourgie friends love this place. I make a lot of sacrifices for my friends.**
*** I did not photoshop this image whatsoever. ***