Monday, November 17, 2008

Sometimes Chimes...

Last night was like going back in time... that time in my life when I obsessed with getting every 7" single on Sarah Records at Mod Lang (I love meself a complete collection here and there), when I was reading history and learning french, when I was saving my all pennies for every show and every band tee, when I made mix cassette tapes for the boy (and sometimes girl) I had a crush on (but mostly just for my friends)... last night felt that exciting. It was early 90s indie rock all over again... Especially when I saw one of the many merch tables with a display which instantly caught my eye:

And then I looked up and saw a further t-shirt on display.

My first reaction was wtf!!! Who made this and who's selling it and has it been authorized? All superficial but natural reactions. Did it matter? Absolutely not. Not when the merch girl was an adorable 21 year old who adore these bands so much that she had to make these tees regardless that they're completely bootlegged (that's me thinking from an ex-familial greedy business point of view btw). But this is indie rock, it's supposed to be this way, it can't be any other way. It's like me putting up all these gems for you because I just love them so much. It's just oozing out of me wanting to share why this is so important, well at least for me... I know I'm selfish.

And then I ran into Eberhard and Fishbeck and it warmed my heart tremendously. Of course they would be at the PTP festival (just like me). They are the very core of my musical existence. We grew up loving the same thing, discovering that same sound and even now, we are fans. I was a fan of Poastal, of Black Fantastic. I was their fan. Then they became my fans. It's that kind of undying love... Fishbeck said the most amazing thing last night when explaining what Hedi means to him: "Darren, Brandt and Rex... they were my college. Hedi, now he's my grad school."

further is not ripe yet for the masses. The day of reckoning will come soon... but now, enjoy this selection so very dear to me tonight, just the hits as always...

surfing pointers
ferrets + weasels
duck pond
quiet riot grrl


I offered my superior expertise to Broadway and worked Ariel's merch table while he and band played. My OCD was in full effect. Every button, cd, vinyl, tee... flawlessly arranged. I knew the selling points. Shows, touring, advancing, the drive, napping, loading in, out, soundcheck, waiting, buyout, waiting, the chit chat, waiting, hanging out, the merch table, the chit chat, waiting, hanging out, settling, waiting, and of course, playing... I know it's not all that bad. There are these little perfect moments that can't be experienced in any other way. I had fun.

And at the end of the night, well I scored this tee as a trade for a old further single she didn't have in her collection which luckily, I have an extra.