Saturday, November 01, 2008

All Hallows' Even

I haven't dressed up for Halloween in ages and wasn't planning on it this year but G convinced me last minute and said that I've been wanting to be Yayoi Kusama for a while now so why stay at home when I can chill chez moi on any other night? He even offered to paint the polka dots on me... How could I refuse such an offer? And so I was committed for the night, no flaking whatsoever. Turned out to be so much fun, I even danced for what seemed like a considerable time and felt like I was 26 again, with not a care in the world! It would have been perfect if Lil' Wizzy's "A Millie" & Akon's "Right Now (na na na)" were both played! It was that kind of night. I mean, c'mon! I was just wearing a leotard and felt pretty okay about it!

It got a bit repetitive by end of night trying to explain who I was... rudimentary kids... everyone should know who she is!

[Ideally, I wanted black polka dots on yellow but I didn't want to be confused as a bumble bee (stripes, circles, they're all the same to most) and I guess orange dots would have been more festive but I played it safe.]

The best costume goes to Sonny's Ghandi costume. He was impossibly unrecognizable. Awesome.

Lolita and Snow White

Remember what you have to do first thing Tuesday morning... I guess you can check ur facebook first.

P.S. I already know what I want to be next year. I'm going to be Fitzcarraldo. Just finished watching the film and it's wacky but totally amazing!