Friday, November 14, 2008

I couldn't say to your face that I won't be around anymore...

Last weekend, I went to the desert with Broadway (an OTP + core member of FFC, and definitely a LOS, but more on this later...) The motivation was to go to Giggles + Wiggles' Art Swap Meet (part of HDTS) and to meet up with the East Coast OTP, fellow LOS, to partake in the first FFC field trip and to just have fun in the sun.

And the soundtrack to this weekend? Arthur Russell's "Love Is Overtaking Me." The loveliest album I've heard this year. Go see Matt Wolf's brilliant documentary, "A Wild Combination" on this chivalrous knight. Listen to this, this, that and this !!! and then ask yourself if love is overtaking you... like it has with me.

We drove straight to the inaugural exhibition of WVICA and made it time to see Douglas Armour perform his lovely pop gems underneath the brightest stars in Wonder Valley. It was a good sign to what was to come...

Digging it out to get out.

Wonder Valley. Somewhere vast, dark and wondrous.

Fall Fitness Club's first field trip. Location: Cap Rock, Joshua Tree National Park. Weather: Perfect, juste parfait. We knew what we had to do. So we did it. We climbed that thing. No sweat.

No sweat.

On the other side. In all my years coming here, it took a LOS (that's Lady of Substance you dolt!) and not a guy to do this with... funny how that goes these days for me...

Loving it.