Monday, October 27, 2008

The Power of Negative Thinking

I've been trying to fight the lethargy I've been feeling lately. I've been restless, sleepless, loveless. Opted out on all social activities this weekend, and instead, tried to work on fall fitness (triumphantly) and the enrichment of my eroding mind (disastrously).

1. Watched Godard's La Chinoise with Color Scribble who wanted to see if it could pertain to her dissertation. It was maddeningly syntactic, so presumptuous, so torturous in politics, so obsolete yet absolutely necessary for today (like a nice grad school class). The self-mockery of the bougie youth, though as pretty and charming as it is, does have its limits. I won't go into my personal view of communism (as that will bore and offend some others) but the best thing about this movie is how visually stunning it is in HD. I'm in love with primary colors again.

And then luckily, Shadey had to take a piss so we got to take a break from that tedious didactic. It was hard to resume... like really hard.

2. Then, I finally got around to listening to the entire Jesus & Mary Chain's "The Power of Negative Thinking: B-Sides & Rarities" box set Kathy gave me last month. Jesus. This is fucking good. A mammoth collection that almost put me weak in the knees. Another pair of heroes reaffirmed.

listen to this
and this
and this

3. Then Kathy and I went to see Rachel Gets Married which was probably the worst movie both of us needed right now in our "delicate" state. We both thought we were going to see a romantic comedy with (my fave) Anne Hathaway but we got something else. The hand-held camera made us dizzy and the relentless subject matter was a bit too dear to both of our hearts; it messed up us all night.

4. And then Alex ichatted me tonight (on tour, he must have been bored in a lonely hotel room somewhere in Ohio) and told me to "go to London and start your own solo project." That's in the works Al... in due time...