Monday, October 13, 2008

Week in Review

Images from the last week or so... Don't want to get too heavy on you blog anymore. It's been a bit much eh? Not gonna let those Seasonal Blues creep up on me this year. (It's kinda fab referencing old entry posts; it's a sizable archive now, quite respectable...)

Ended up at Philly's new Khyber, Johnny Brenda's (as Mickey professed) in Fishtown. Saw a couple of bands play; venue was more memorable than the bands. That's how it goes most times...

The Green Room. Yes it really is a green room. Was instructed by Mickey to really, like seriously, shut my mouth and downplay my excitement that the Dodgers were in the NLCS with Philly. I was in the wrong town and neighborhood especially for that kind of dirty talk. F**k that, like that has ever stopped me from saying what I wanna say. GO DODGERS!!!

Somewhere in the suburbs of PA, I found myself here and saw the loveliest bottles... totalement mon style.

Then back in Cali, visited the folks in Little Saigon and had what else, the yummiest Vietnamese food in this country. Always packed, just Viets and no one else.

The special (I opted out of the shredded pork to simplify the flavors). So good. So so so good.

Saw my faves, My Barbarian's abridged version of "Non-Western" at UCLA (my beloved old campus, it was good to walk the grounds again; North Campus is now Northern Lights! wtf?) Bunche Hall, my old Hx building, is as penetratingly jolie-laid as ever!

Alex & Malik were part of my first ever musical collaboration back when we were students and we did this art musical performance at my ex's senior thesis show at Highways! I must remember all the details to blog as I think it was quite a good story!

They are doing four performances this month, only three left now. Go. See it.