Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mr. Bickerson

The Ex, who will now be known as Mr. Bickerson [or one half of the (former) Bickersons] gave some insightful reminders tonight:

1. "This belittles your blog. You're not into cartoons."
Mr. Bickerson is referring to my last post of The Simpsons. He's right, I'm not the biggest fan, or rather, I really don't know anything about this cartoon series, never having seen one full episode. I only posted it because my friend made it and I find it clever. Well done Gregory.

2. Mr. Bickerson reminded me that the Spectrum version of "True Love Will Find You In The End" is actually the best. That's debatable but this is good, excellent rather. Listen and find out for yourself now.

3. Mr. Bickerson reiterated the genius of R Kelly. THIS IS GENIUS! YES IT IS! I teared up, that's for sure...

...And then I got this serious warning from Wiggles... (Mr. Bickerson thought this was complete nonsense.) This is for my former colleagues, so fresh + so young, and first-time voters(!); you could be me and that would seriously suck...